Install Mod_Security On Plesk Server(Centos)

Install mod_security with YUM. This tool can prevent a lot of problems, file injections, attacks etc to apache.

# wget -q -O – | sh
# yum install mod_security

You can get the Free Mod_Security Rules.

# cd /etc/httpd/modsecurity.d/

Download rules:
# wget

Extract it :

#tar -zxvf modsec-2.5-free-latest.tar.gz

Note: Make sure that 00_asl_rbl.conf, 00_asl_whitelist.conf will be uninstalled, renamed or deleted. You can disable some rules what you do not need or create problems. After you done all with your modification restart the apache.

#/etc/init.d/httpd restart

Have a fun 🙂

3 Responses to “Install Mod_Security On Plesk Server(Centos)”

  1. otto84 Says:

    Have U tested mod_security after installation load module is not added to httpd.conf ?

  2. Yes Aparna otto84 is correct we have to add modules path in httpd.conf
    such as

    LoadFile /usr/lib64/
    LoadModule security2_module /etc/httpd/modules/
    Include conf/modsec/*.conf

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