How to install 3dm and 3ware on centos!

what is 3ware

3ware provides a good web based GUI for monitoring their cards. You can use it to send email alerts if a drive fails and do other admin tasks.

Installing on centos 5.3:

# cd /tmp
# wget
# wget
# tar -zxvf 3DM2_CLI-Linux-x86-
# ./setupLinux_x86.bin -console

follow through the installer accept all defaults

# mv 3dm2 /etc/init.d
# chmod 755 /etc/init.d/3dm2

now let us see if it is running, this should show you it has a PID
# /etc/init.d/3dm2 status

now lets set 3dm2 to start on boot
# chkconfig –levels 2345 3dm2 on

now it is time to log in to the web interface

# https://your_server_ip:888
user=admin password=3ware

okay well i hope that it all worked for you.

Note :You can edit the 3dm2.conf file to change the 3DM2 system configuration you can find it here :

One Response to “How to install 3dm and 3ware on centos!”

  1. Hi
    Use the following file for installation
    #wget wget
    After extracting use the following command to setup
    #sh setupLinux_x64.bin -console -is:tempdir /3dm/

    continue the step as in previous step
    Before accessing thru web browser, edit 3dm2.conf and change RemoteAccess 1
    from 0 to 1
    Now access the file…….

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