How to change the Remote Desktop Port

You can change Remote deskto port using following instructions:
To change the port you have to start Windows Registry Editor.
# Login to your Server with default RDP port that 3389
# Go to : Start -> Run… type ‘regedit’ and press OK
# Then expand the registry folders as follows :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Control > TerminalServer > WinStations > RDP-Tcp
# Then find the following registry subkey :
# On the Edit menu >> click Modify and then on the Edit “DWORD” Value click Decimal which will show you the current port number that is 3389(By default)
#Type the new port number, and then click ‘OK’ button.
Quit Registry Editor and reboot your server.
You need to make sure that new RDP port is opened into Server Firewall if not then it won’t allow you to login.

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