How to check if a server is Suexec or not

To check the server is Suexec or not? follow the one of the steps which suitable with your access rights:

1) Login into you server with the root login details and run following command

[root@ ~]#/usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf –current

If server is Suexec then result would look like

PHP4 SAPI: suphp
PHP5 SAPI: suphp
SUEXEC: enabled

>> If you are not sure about Shell commands then you can also check the SuExec is enabled or not? from your WHM. Login into your WHM  with root and in the menu find “Configure PHP and SuExec ”

Check the drop down box for “PHP 4/5 Handler” – and if beside that it says “suPHP” – Then your sever is SuExec enabled

>> If you are not having server root login details or WHM access.Then you can create a php file udner your account from cPanel >> File Manager and change the permissions on that file to 777 and open it in a browser. If it gives 500 Internal Server Error,  your most probably running suPHP.

>>As well as you can also create the phpinfo page under your account from your cPanel >> File manager For ex. phpinfo.php with the following code

<? phpinfo() ?>

After creating phpinfo.php page browse it and if it shows

<<Server API = Apache>>

then server is not running PHP in Suexec mode

And if

<<Server API = CGI>>

then the  server is running PHP in Suexec mode

Than you.

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