How to install Zend Optimizer with Ioncube Loader on plesk

Many users wanted to install these addon php modules to the Plesk VPS configurations.Please go thorugh the following instaructions:

Login to server as root


# wget -q -O – | sh

This will download, and setup the atomic yum channel for you.

During this, you will be asked if you wish to “add the Plesk yum repository to the system?”. You must answer Yes to this, by press y and then pressing enter. You will also be asked for which version of Plesk – it is STRONGLY recommended to use plesk 8.

You now have everything you need to install Zend Optimizer and Ioncube easily. Run the following command:

# yum install php-zend-optimizer php-ioncube-loader

Press “Y”

You now have everything installed, Now restart the apache

# /etc/init.d/httpd restart

And these will now be available to any php application using its features.

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