You may receive the following error message while restarting or adding rules into iptabes in your VPS: error message: iptables: Unknown error 4294967295

This usually occurs when the required iptables modules are not loaded in the host server kernel. Login to your host server and load the following iptable modules:

modprobe ipt_MASQUERADE

modprobe ipt_helper

modprobe ipt_REDIRECT

modprobe ipt_state

modprobe ipt_TCPMSS

modprobe ipt_LOG

modprobe ipt_TOS

modprobe tun

modprobe iptable_nat

modprobe ipt_length

modprobe ipt_tcpmss

modprobe iptable_mangle

modprobe ipt_limit

modprobe ipt_tos

modprobe iptable_filter

modprobe ipt_helper

modprobe ipt_tos

modprobe ipt_ttl

modprobe ipt_REJECT


You can safely start iptables and add rules on your VPS now.

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